Call Sequence

The call sequence for the solution with zkPass integration is illustrated here:

As illustrated in the above diagram, in the zkPass-based implementation, the Krisna service no longer receives the ShopSphere ID Token. Instead, it receives the zkPass proof, which protects the privacy of ShopSphere users.

zkPass Proof

As depicted in the prior interaction diagram, the ShopSphere app retrieves both the "ShopSphere ID" user data from the ShopSphere OIDC Provider service and the "ShopSphere Account Holder" Data Verification Request (DVR) from the Krisna service. These data sets are then forwarded to the zkPass service for verification processing. Inside the zkPass service, the legitimacy of both data sets is confirmed, and the DVR query is run on the Zero Knowledge Virtual Machine (ZKVM). Subsequently, zkPass constructs a proof outcome, which is then sent back to Krisna service for ultimate validation.

The proof generated by zkPass Service contains a boolean value that signifies whether the Krisna customer meets the conditions set forth in the "ShopSphere Account Holder" DVR. Crucially, this whole process is executed without exposing any sensitive or confidential user data, thus upholding rigorous data privacy standards.

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