RESTful API Web Service

Imagine you have a digital helper that can securely verify important information for you without ever needing to see the details โ€“ that's what the RESTful API web service component of zkPass Service is all about. It's like a trusted messenger that carries sealed envelopes (your user data and the Data Verification Request) to a secure vault (zkPass Query Host) and brings back a stamp of approval, all without peeking inside.

Here's how it works for you: Whenever you want to check if certain information is true or meets specific criteria, you don't need to handle the sensitive details yourself. Instead, you send a request to our web service RESTful API called generate_zkpass_proof. This request is like a special envelope containing a question you want to be answered, based on the data you're curious about.

The zkPass Query Host, the digital vault, then works its magic. It carefully examines your request, verifies the information against the criteria you've set, and sends back proof โ€“ a kind of digital stamp โ€“ that confirms whether the information meets your requirements. The best part? This all happens without the web service ever actually seeing or storing the sensitive data you're inquiring about.

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