zkPass Proof

Imagine zkPass Proof as a special kind of digital token created by the zkPass Service. It's like a detailed report that contains several important parts, all designed to keep your data safe and verify important information without revealing any secrets.

The Core Elements of zkPass Proof

  • Zero-Knowledge Proof This is the heart of the proof. It's a clever piece of the ZKP technology that checks if certain things are true about your data without actually seeing the data itself. It works in a super secure space called the Trusted Execution Environment, ensuring everything is done correctly and privately.

  • Query Result After the zkPass Service checks your data, it gives a result. This is what we call the Query Output. It's safe to share this part because the Zero-Knowledge Proof makes sure it’s accurate and hasn't been tampered with.

  • DVR Metadata Think of this as the detailed label on your report. It includes the time the proof was made, a unique ID for your Data Verification Request, and other useful information that helps in checking and verifying the integrity of the DVR information used by the zkPass Service when generating the zkPass Proof. The metadata validation is performed by the Proof Verifier.

Safety and Trustworthiness

The entire zkPass Proof is sealed by the zkPass Service, kind of like putting it in a tamper-proof envelope. This ensures that the proof is genuine and hasn’t been altered, adding an extra layer of security.

Protecting Your Data Privacy

What’s really great about zkPass Proof is that it lets someone verify information about your data without ever accessing the actual data. This means your sensitive information stays private, but you can still prove certain things about it. It’s a powerful tool, especially when you need to keep your data under strict privacy control.

Clear and Honest Query Checks

zkPass Proof isn't just about keeping things confidential. It also makes sure that the queries or checks done on your data are transparent and honest. The proof acts like an unchangeable record, confirming that the query was done exactly as it should be, following all the rules and conditions set out.

To get a detailed understanding of the zkPass Proof, please consult the Developer's Guide for an in-depth explanation

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