What is zkPass?

zkPass Service is a Proof-As-a-Service that facilitates the execution of Zero-Knowledge Proofs (ZKPs) within a Trusted Execution Environment (TEE). By merely initiating a service request through the SDK client library, you can delegate heavy ZKP computational tasks to the server. This is ideal for devices with limited computational resources, providing an efficient and scalable solution without compromising data privacy.


  • Trusted Data Privacy and Integrity zkPass ensures that the user's data remains confidential and integral throughout the process. While necessitating a degree of trust, the cloud architecture mitigates the risks associated with centralization by running within a TEE. This secure environment safeguards your data privacy while efficiently executing ZKP computations.

  • Transparent and Verifiable Query Execution zkPass Service doesn’t just run your queries; it also crafts a cryptographic proof that verifies the query was executed exactly as intended, ensuring the integrity and accuracy of the execution without any third-party verification. As a user, you can trust the zkPass Service to run your scripts faithfully, offering a seamless, trustless verification process where the service itself guarantees the truthfulness of the execution and its results, thus serving as a foundation of "trustless truth as a service".

  • Scalable Computation Designed to accommodate various devices with varying computational capabilities. This adaptability is what sets zkPass Query apart, as it breaks away from the limitations of conventional client-side ZKP solutions that are typically restricted to a narrow set of proof functions. With zkPass Query, you can tailor your logic to meet diverse data requirements and conditions.

  • Flexible Query Language The JSON-based query language enables customization to suit any user data schema. In addition, the zkPass service simplifies the querying process with its zkPass Query, a user-friendly, JSON-based query language designed for versatility and ease of use. When you utilize this language to construct queries, the Zero-Knowledge Virtual Machine (ZKVM) steps in to execute these queries.

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