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Jane Doe has accepted a job offer from Namaste Tech. As part of the drug screening process required by the company, she has to take a blood test.

The blood test is necessary as Namaste Tech has a strict hiring policy prohibiting people with a history of Cocaine and Amphetamine use from entering its workforce. QualityHealth Labs clinic administers the blood test and issues the blood test result.

Criteria for Drug Test Eligibility

For successful completion of the onboarding process, prospective employees are required to satisfy the following conditions during the initial screening stage:

  • Cocaine levels must be below 10 ng/ml

  • Amphetamine levels must be zero

Meeting these criteria is crucial for securing employment.

Objectives for the Employee Onboarding System

Namaste Tech aims to build a system that can onboard the employees with the following objectives:

  • Privacy Protection for the Employees of Namaste Tech To ensure the privacy of customer data, QualityHealth Lab Clinic will not directly transfer any sensitive information to Namaste Tech. Instead, a proof-of-eligibility token, confirming that the applicant meets the predefined criteria, will be sent to Namaste Tech. This strategy minimizes the risk of data exposure while preserving the integrity of the onboarding process.

  • Verifiable Drug Use Assessment Maintaining transparency in the employee onboarding workflow is essential. The assessment outcome must be based solely on a quantitative analysis of the applicant's blood test results. Namaste Tech mandates that its query executes without modification, maintaining its original logic. Furthermore, the query must be applied to the correct blood test results, and the test result must belong to the applicant being evaluated.

The purpose of this case study is to present an all-encompassing plan for seamlessly integrating all stakeholders with the zkPass Service in order to build an employee onboarding system that respects the employees' confidential information and enforces a transparent onboarding process. The following sections will delve into the details of the system's technical framework, the nuances of data movement, and the specific integration plans tailored for each participating entity.

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