zkPass Proof

The zkPass Proof is a vital element in the zkPass system, functioning as a digital seal that validates specific data through Zero-Knowledge Proofs (ZKPs) without disclosing the underlying information. This cryptographic token, generated by the zkPass Service, contains a unique cryptographic proof, identifiers, and titles related to the data verification request, and special keys that establish the authenticity of the user data and the request. It also includes a timestamp to mark the generation time, ensuring traceability to its origin. Integral to this proof is the Zero-Knowledge Proof, confirming correct query execution while preserving data confidentiality, and the query output, which is the result of the executed query. Signed into a JSON Web Signature (JWS) token, the ZkPassProof is a testament to the authenticity and integrity of the query results, epitomizing the commitment to security, privacy, and verifiability in the zkPass process.

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