User Data

User data encapsulates a spectrum of sensitive and confidential attributes, credentials, or claims, ranging from driver's licenses and passports to financial credentials such as bank account details.

Secure and Versatile Folder

The User Data can be envisioned as a digital personal folder, where you securely store confidential information like driver's licenses, birth certificates, diplomas, and others. This system represents a flexible and secure way to manage a variety of data, inspired by W3C's Verifiable Credentials but extending beyond to accommodate diverse document types, irrespective of their format. Unlike the complex W3C format, we are using the ubiquitous and versatile JSON Web Token as the folder. Thus the User Data is essentially formatted as a JSON Web Token.

Authenticity and Trust

The items stored within your User Data, akin to the confidential information in your personal folder in this analogy, generally originate from external entities referred to as Data Issuers. These are typically authorities or institutions issuing official documents. To ensure the authenticity of the document added to your folder, the Data Issuer stamps it, similar to placing an official seal on the physical folder. This digital stamping on the folder is effectively implemented using JSON Web Signature (JWS), serving as a digital seal that verifies the genuineness and trustworthiness of your data.

Schema-Agnostic Design and JSON Format

zkPass's 'schema-agnostic' design enables the storage of various types of data without the need to follow a specific layout or format. Whether it's an official certificate or an informal note, as long as it’s in the universally understandable JSON format, it can be included in your folder. This approach ensures that your personal folder is not only flexible but also coherent and user-friendly.

Confidential Verification and Sharing

When sharing or verifying your personal document contained in the User Data, confidentiality and security are paramount. The zkPass Query Host facilitates the verification of your document without compromising their integrity, similar to a secure viewing room where confidentiality is maintained at all times. This setup offers you a digital personal folder that is organized, accessible, and fortified with robust security, ensuring peace of mind in managing sensitive data.

For a more detailed explanation of the User Data, please refer to the Developer's Guide.

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