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Beyond merely transferring the computational load of proof generation from the client device to the server, zkPass Service incorporates a robust JSON-based query language (zkPass Query) that empowers developers to articulate specific requirements or conditions to be applied to the user's data. This JSON query is executed within the Zero-Knowledge Virtual Machine (ZKVM), resulting in a cryptographic proof that verifies the execution has occurred exactly as intended, without any alterations.zkPass Service inherits the two pivotal features from its client-side predecessor, enhancing them within its server-centric architecture:

  1. Trusted Data Privacy By generating a cryptographic proof, zkPass ensures that the underlying data remains confidential. The verifier can confirm the proof's validity without ever needing to access the original sensitive data. While the service-based approach does introduce a new set of concerns which is the need to trust a centralized server with sensitive user data, zkPass Service mitigates this issue by operating within a TEE. This adds an extra layer of security to maintain data integrity and confidentiality in an isolated and secure centralized computer.

  2. Query Execution Transparency The cryptographic proof generated by ZKVM serves as an immutable record that the query has been executed faithfully, meeting all specified conditions or requirements. Unlike often rigid proof functions found in client-side implementations, zkPass offers an easy-to-use JSON query language. This allows users to effortlessly adjust to varying logic to enforce data requirements or conditions.

This advanced feature set not only alleviates computational constraints but also offers a highly flexible, secure, and transparent way for developers to implement privacy-centric logic within their applications. Transitioning from a client-centric to a service-oriented proof system, zkPass Service strives to deliver a scalable, efficient framework that accommodates a wide range of devices with diverse computational resources. It does so without compromising its commitment to data privacy and transparent execution. Moreover, it incorporates a versatile JSON query language, adaptable to any user data schema, offering users even greater flexibility.โ€‹โ€‹โ€‹

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