zkPass Query Host

Now, the zkPass Query Host is where the real magic happens. Picture it as a vault, nested within another vault, sitting in a Trusted Execution Environment (TEE). This is the Fort Knox of zkPass, shielded and isolated from the outside world. Communication with the outside, even with the REST API Web Service, happens only through a secure, specialized channel.

Inside this vault is a specialized engine, a component known by the intriguing name of <zkvm>-zkpass-query, where <zkvm> denotes the specific ZKVM (Zero Knowledge Virtual Machine) engine in use. Given the user data and DVR inputs, this engine crafts something quite valuable—a secure proof, the zkPass Proof.

So, when you make that initial RESTful call to generate_zkpass_proof, what you get back is this zkPass Proof, fresh from the secure confines of the zkPass Query Host's vault. And there you have it, the tale of how zkPass takes your user data and DVR on a journey from a humble reception desk to a high-security vault, only to return to you a valuable proof. Armed with this understanding, you're now ready to make the most of zkPass in your own engineering endeavors.

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