On-Premise Hosting

For organizations with rigorous demands regarding data sovereignty and the security of their internal infrastructure, on-premise hosting of the zkPass Service is the ideal solution. This hosting model places the zkPass Service directly within your organization's data centers. By doing so, it ensures that your data remains entirely within your control and does not traverse external networks. This aspect is particularly crucial for organizations that handle highly sensitive information or are subject to stringent data protection regulations.

Key Benefits of On-Premise Hosting

  • Unmatched Data Control With on-premise hosting, you have the highest level of control over your data. It stays within the confines of your organization, reducing external risks and exposures.

  • Enhanced Security Compliance This model is tailored for organizations that need to adhere to strict compliance and regulatory standards. Keeping the zkPass Service on-premise means you can align it more closely with your internal security protocols and compliance requirements.

  • Customized to Your Infrastructure On-premise hosting allows you to integrate the zkPass Service seamlessly with your existing IT infrastructure. This integration can be tailored to meet the specific needs and security standards of your organization.

Considerations for On-Premise Hosting

Unlike cloud-based options, on-premise hosting of zkPass does not inherently require the service to run within a Trusted Execution Environment (TEE). This flexibility allows for a more customized security approach, where you can decide the best way to secure the service based on your infrastructure and security policies. However, it also means that ensuring the highest security standards rests largely on your organization’s ability to implement and maintain robust security measures within your own IT environment.

In summary, on-premise hosting of the zkPass Service is the premium choice for organizations that prioritize absolute control over their data and have the capability to manage high-level security requirements internally. This option provides a bespoke solution that aligns perfectly with stringent internal policies and regulatory needs, ensuring data remains secure and under your organization’s direct oversight.

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