Computation Integrity Trust Model

Imagine you're playing a high-stakes poker game, and you want to make sure that the deck isn't stacked against you. In the world of zkPass, the role of an impartial dealer is played by something called a Zero Knowledge Virtual Machine, or ZKVM for short. This special "dealer" ensures that the game—here, the process of creating a secure proof—is completely fair and above board.

The beauty of this ZKVM dealer is that it operates on what's known as the Trustless Model. This means you don't have to take anyone's word that the game is fair; you can see it for yourself. The dealer's actions are so transparent that you, as the Verifier in this poker analogy, can confidently confirm that the proof you're given is valid. You don't have to trust the zkPass service or any other third party; the integrity of the game stands up to scrutiny all on its own.

So, with zkPass and its ZKVM engine, you're not just hoping for a fair game; you're guaranteed one. And that assurance comes not from trust, but from verifiable, transparent actions.

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