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To illustrate the car loan application screening use case, BCA Bank and BCA Finance act as stand-ins for the roles of Data Issuer and Proof Verifier, respectively.

It should be explicitly noted here that all constituent elements of BCA Bank and BCA Finance in this use case, such as car loan eligibility criteria, customer profiles within the bank, and any other related artifacts, are purely hypothetical and fictitious and therefore designed exclusively for illustration purposes only.


BCA Finance, a prominent player in car loan solutions, manages a high-volume stream of applications on a daily basis. The application processing pipeline is segmented into two pivotal phases: Preliminary Screening and Comprehensive Evaluation. This use case is confined to defining the architecture and implementation methodologies for the Preliminary Screening phase, with a particular emphasis on privacy preservation and execution transparency using the zkPass architecture. The Comprehensive Evaluation phase, although crucial, falls beyond the scope of this use case.

Minimum Eligibility Criteria for Preliminary Screening

To be eligible for car loan coverage through BCA Finance, applicants must meet the following hypothetical criteria as part of the initial screening phase:

  • Hold an active BCA Bank account with a minimum balance of Rp 55,000,000.

  • Have a credit score of 650 or above.

Fulfilling these prerequisites is imperative for advancing to the comprehensive evaluation stage of the application process.

Objectives of the Screening Process

BCA Bank and BCA Finance intend to develop a screening process that meets the following objectives:

  • Cost-Efficient Application Filtering The objective is to expedite the initial sorting of incoming applications, consequently lowering operational overhead. Utilizing an automated, secure, real-time processing system allows BCA Finance to substantially reduce the financial burden associated with manual intervention.

  • Privacy Protection for BCA Bank Customers In order to safeguard customer data privacy, BCA Bank will not directly transfer any sensitive information to BCA Finance. Rather, a proof-of-eligibility token, which confirms that the applicant satisfies the predefined criteria, should be sent to BCA Finance. This approach mitigates the risk of data exposure while maintaining the integrity of the application process.

  • Verifiable Loan Evaluation Ensuring transparency in the car loan application workflow is crucial. The evaluation result must be solely based on a quantitative analysis of the applicant's credentials. Specifically, the decision-making must be controlled by the business rules defined in a query, which lays out the particular criteria for car loan eligibility. BCA Finance requires that its query runs unmodified, retaining its original logic. Additionally, the query must be performed on the customer profile data and should correspond to the applicant under assessment.

The objective of this use case study is to provide a comprehensive blueprint for zkPass integration to implement a loan application screening mechanism that maintains a good balance between operational efficiency, user data privacy, and verifiable execution. Subsequent sections will delve into the intricate details of the technical architecture, data flow dynamics, and the integration strategies for each stakeholder.

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