"Employee Onboarding" DVR

Fortunately, Namaste Tech is very committed to protecting the privacy of its employees. It has developed the “My Namaste” App based on the zkPass Proof-as-a-Service architecture, which allows third-party entities to examine users’ information without compromising confidential information.

Taking the Proof Verifier role, Namaste Tech needs to create a DVR to query the blood test results of the incoming new employee.


Namaste Tech defines the “Employee Onboarding” DVR Query for user Jane Doe as follows:

Do all of the following conditions hold true?

  1. Is the lab's ID exactly "QH801874"?

  2. Is the test ID exactly "SCREEN-7083-12345"?

  3. Does the subject's first name match "jane" (case insensitive) ?

  4. Does the subject's last name match "doe" (case insensitive) ?

  5. Is the subject's date of birth exactly "1985-12-12"?

  6. Is the level of amphetamines measured in panels (in Ng/mL) exactly zero?

  7. Is the level of cocaine measured in panels (in Ng/mL) equal to or less than 10?

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